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National website development studio with a small, dedicated team servicing clients across Australia. Founded by Neil Abraham in 2006, Abraham Multimedia has earned the trust and respect of some of the largest companies, organisations and businesses in Australia.

Prior to this, Neil held a prestigious position within the United States Information Agency and the U.S. Department of State for 13 years. During that time he was a member of a global task force on electronic diplomacy and studied website development, social media, online collaboration and cyber security at the Foreign Service Institute and abroad.

In addition to this, Neil has travelled the world with the White House providing support for Presidential visits to world leader conferences such as APEC, ASEAN and G8 Summits. He has provided lectures at conferences on cyber security and taught "Technology in Art and Design" classes at a technical college in Australia.

For professional advice about upgrading your website, improving your search ranking, start a social media marketing campaign, how you can make your Joomla or Wordpress website more secure or to schedule a talk on website development trends for your conference, organisation, school or staff professional development training program, please contact us.

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"We highly recommend the services of Abraham Multimedia."

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"Neil is a true professional and has proven to be a major asset to our business and clients."

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"Neil’s contributions made a real and lasting impact on our operations."